Solo course and dosage of Dianabol

Dianabol solo for a beginner

Danabol solo for a beginner

There are many different steroids used by athletes to achieve certain results. The issue of steroid choice is especially relevant for athletes who decide to try doping for the first time.

Particularly popular is the use of solo danabol for a beginner. Using this drug, athletes can build muscle mass quite quickly. In this case, there will be not only an increase in the volume of all muscles, but also an increase in strength indicators. The effectiveness of the training sessions is thus increased correspondingly.

The main rule of taking danabol solo and not just for a beginner, as well as any other steroid drug, is to choose the most appropriate dose. As a rule, experienced athletes recommend that beginners use the minimum dose of the drug to test your body’s response. In the case of Dianabol, this dose will be 20 mg or 2 tablets.

Take this amount of steroids for the first few days. Then you can increase the amount of the drug up to 3 tablets a day and continue using it until the end of the course. More experienced athletes in the last two weeks take 4 tablets. Subject to this dosage, as well as active training, you can build about 4-7 kg of muscle mass.

Every athlete seeks to choose the most efficient and safe track. Oral dianabol is recommended to be taken in a crushed diet in a medium dose. This steroid becomes more effective when you take the drug a few hours before training. Then it is easier to digest and makes the training even more effective.

It is also very important to use the preparations after the course, for example Proviron. Thus, you can significantly reduce the negative effects of dianabol on the body, namely you can avoid the appearance of the aromatizing effect and reduce the amount of estrogen hormones. In addition to the correct dosage, enhanced exercise and post-class therapy, do not forget a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. These supplements can be purchased at pharmacies.

By following these basic guidelines, you are guaranteed to be able to achieve the desired results in the world of sports. For each week of this course, your muscle mass will actively increase, as well as strength indicators.

How to take Dianabol?

How to take Dianabol_

Danabol is easy to take. The rule of thumb is to divide the dosage into 4-5 doses during the day. The optimal dose is 60 mg, for beginners it is better to start with 30 mg. Per day. If you decide to take large doses of the drug, it is better to take such a course under the supervision of a specialist and with extensive experience in taking various courses of steroids.

Many, after signing up for the gym, immediately run for anabolics, but that is wrong. The same Methandienone should of course be purchased after at least 2-3 weeks. Physiological processes in the body must begin by themselves.

Steroids should be started with small doses, gradually increasing them. Otherwise, it will no longer be possible to reduce the dosage and the result will be associated with unpleasant side effects due to a strong invasion of chemical elements in the body’s natural metabolism. It is also necessary to establish a precise schedule before starting the reception. The effect depends directly on the time state.

All these points will be expressed by any trainer, but do not forget the obligatory trip to the doctor. The presence of certain chronic diseases and the individual characteristics of the metabolism influence the choice of a steroid and the choice of a solo treatment of its administration.

Before you start a course with Dianabol, you clearly understand that pharmacology and exercise are only a kind of catalyst for muscle growth and will not give results alone. To gain muscle mass, you need to follow a mass gaining diet. You should consume at least 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per day. kg of your body weight. And at least 4-5 grams of carbohydrates.

Under conditions of protein deficiency, the solo course of Dianabol will be inefficient. If you have difficulty reaching your daily protein intake, we recommend that you buy protein, at least the cheapest. Such a purchase will help you increase the efficiency of the course significantly.

Dosage of Dianabol

Dosage of Dianabol

Standard Dianabol doses vary widely depending on individual experience and desires. Despite the rumors and myths on the internet, a quality Dbol tablet will deliver noticeable results while consuming only 15mg a day. However, most people will be more satisfied with 20-25 mg a day. Remember that every time we increase the dose, it increases the risk of adverse side effects and makes them harder to control. If a positive experience is seen in the range of 20-25 mg, 30-35 mg per day is tried if desired.

The next step will be 50mg a day, which is a high dose of Dianabol, but quite acceptable to the experienced anabolic steroid user. However, many will not need this dose. Higher doses are not uncommon in some hardcore circles, you can easily find someone taking up to 100 mg a day, but such doses are not recommended. Doses of this kind can cause side effects and harm your health. Although you can control visual side effects with this dose, internal effects may be a different story.

The half-life of Dianabol is 3-5 hours, and many people often recommend dividing the daily dose into 2-3 small doses a day to maintain maximum blood levels. But even with 3 equal doses a day, you will still have ups and downs in your blood. In addition, the maximum maximum blood level will be much lower than it would be if all doses were taken at the same time.

By taking the entire daily dose at once, you get a higher peak level that you can use during your workout and maximize for the crucial amount of time after your workout. Whichever method you choose, you will find that Dianabol gives excellent results.

Most often, Dianabol used as a starting point for a new mass increase cycle out of season. This will give the person rapid and noticeable progress right from the start while slower injectable steroids build up in their system. This type of use will also cause significant weight gain. Another use case is in the middle of a cycle in what is often called plateau rupture. During any cycle you will hit a wall and the growth will slow down or stop.

Introducing Dianabol at this time will help you get past the plateau or outlet and your progress will continue. Due to Dbol’s hepatotoxicity and the fact that most cycles are in the 8-12 week range, most people will only use Dianabol for one of these purposes in a single cycle. However, in tough bodybuilding cycles that often exceed the 12-week mark, both phases of use could be implemented with the necessary C17-aa breaks. Regardless of the type of intake, dosage or intake plan, you will find that Dianabol works well with all anabolic steroids. However, it can not be used with other C17-aa anabolic steroids.